A Comprehensive Range of Parking Sensors Installed by Professionals in Bristol

Obtain high-grade rear parking sensors and rear view cameras to put your mind at ease. At Western Car Radio in Bristol, we provide quality parking assistance through state-of-the-art technology to give you complete peace of mind.

rear parking system

Rear Parking Sensors

When you are looking for rear parking sensors for your vehicle, Western Car Radio boasts a wide range of products without any limitations to meet your specific requirements. Our expert team can even install parking sensors that match any vehicle colour code for a complete factory look.

Rear View Cameras

Make parking safer and easier by installing reverse cameras. We can install these onto a factory screen already in most new vehicles, or provide a complete stereo upgrade. You can also get your hands on a front camera as well as a hands-free set to make driving even easier.

Contact us in Bristol, to learn more about high-grade rear parking sensors and rear view cameras.